A FORMER Salisbury resident has released her latest book for free to help readers during lockdown.

Enjoy The Silence is described by author FJ Campbell, who now lives in St Albans, as a “coming-of age” story set in the Dorset countryside.

Campbell said: “I’m always over-excited to release a new book, and Enjoy the Silence is a particular favourite. It’s a coming-of-age story, with a cast of characters that are trying to make sense of the world they’re growing up into. It’s set in the gorgeous Dorset countryside where I spent some time growing up myself, so it’s very personal.”

Speaking about the inspiration behind it she said: “I wanted to write a love story with two central characters - Danny and Heather - who just can’t seem to get things right. It’s inspired by those feelings you have when you’re a teenager, of making mistake after mistake, and the adults not being able to help.

"I think lots of teenagers will be able to relate to that. It’s also inspired by a little bit of ‘magical realism’ - Heather and Danny can hear each other inside their heads, without having to speak out loud. This causes all sorts of trouble when they start thinking about the opposite sex,”

The ebook is available to download for free. Campbell said: “It’s a difficult time for many young people, stuck at home and wanting things to do. Access to libraries and bookshops is limited and so it made sense to offer the ebook for free. Hopefully most people have access to an e-reader or iPad and can enjoy a few hours of escapism with Enjoy the Silence.”

On what readers can expect the author explains: “A short novel set over the course of three summers with a bit of adventure, a bit of love/lust, friendships, secrets, camping at the beach, drinking, exam results. Standard teenage stuff. When the teenagers have finished reading it, their parents might enjoy it, too - it’s set in the 1980s so there are lots of cultural references, all explained for younger readers at the back of the book.”

Campbell has already released two books The Islanders and No Number Nine and is already working on a sequel to Enjoy the Silence.

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