Wiltshire chief constable Kier Pritchard has warned people to stick to lockdown rules over the Bank Holiday weekend and for people in Muslim communities celebrating Eid to do so at home.

He said: "With another Bank Holiday Weekend upon us, we know it is tempting to get out and about, see friends and enjoy the sunshine."

In a video message he says: "Lets keep the responsibility." He warned people that staying somewhere away from home was not allowed.

He said officers would be out in force all weekend to help keep people safe.

In the message, Chief Constable Pritchard also encourages those in our Muslim communities who may be celebrating Eid this weekend to ensure they do so at home and with those within their household.

He said: "Celebration for Eid will be very different and the guidelines are clear."

But some people have taken to social media to complain about people in Wiltshire breaking the more relaxed lockdown rules.

One said: "I’ve never seen so many dog owners suddenly walking their dogs, people having a picnic by the ford (which is a through-road for the tractors and trailer with manure), or sunbathing."

Another said: "Lots of groups of people at Lydiard park this evening."

And a third added: "It hasn’t stopped the idiots so far in this part of Wiltshire. Just one big jolly for the hypocrites that clap the NHS on a Thursday and then ignore social distancing the rest of the week."