A PHOTOGRAPHER is helping youngsters in Salisbury combat the boredom of lockdown by setting up a new photography club.

Michael Blyth, of BLYTH Photography, says the idea for the Young Photographers Club came to him after the prime ministers speech announcing the restrictions.

He said: “In his speech he encouraged a daily walk, which I refer to lightheartedly as the ‘Boris Bumble’, and I thought this club might encourage young people to do it with more enthusiasm.”

The club is open to anyone under the age of 20, although Michael says he has had a number of adults wanting to join.

“It struck me as a way of helping relieve the boredom of lockdown, and at the same time bringing out the creative in a way that is easy to engage with,” he added.

There are currently three age groups in the club, Year 4 and Under, Year 5 through to Year 8, and Year 10 upwards.

Michael sends out an email each week suggesting themes.

“I encourage the members to have fun experimenting with light and different angles, realising that many are limited to using the cameras on their phones - with I must say some amazing results. They then send me their best image and I respond comments and advice,” he adds.

Based on the Wiltshire Dorset border Michael says he had a “blessedly mild case” of Covid-19 and is “only too glad to have been able to offer this facility to the community”.

The Young Photographers Club is a free online club. For more information or to access the club go to blyth-photography.co.uk