A LORRY driver has been arrested after being caught behind the wheel of a suspected illegal vehicle while under the influence of drugs.

Early this morning (May 28), police pulled over a lorry in Salisbury which was suspected of being driven illegally.

Officers were alerted to a Heavy Goods Vehicle that was believed to have no MOT and had been registered as off the road (SORN).

The truck was stopped near St Paul's Roundabout on the A36, and as officers looked into the cab to speak to the driver they immediately smelt cannabis.

The male driver was tested with a drug wipe at the scene which indicated a positive result.

A 53-year-old man from Chard in Somerset was arrested on suspicion of drug driving and taken to Melksham custody. He has now been released under investigation.

Inspector John Hutchings said: "This is a really good job by our officers in Salisbury.

"As soon as they were alerted to this suspected illegal vehicle it was stopped and the driver spoken to; suspicion of drug use was evident, which the roadside preliminary drug wipe confirmed.

"Driving a vehicle without an MOT is not only illegal but, could be dangerous as faults may be present that could lead to a collision.

"However, coupled with drug driving this is a recipe for a serious collision where people could be at the very least hurt or possibly even killed."