2nd Lieutenant Ali Wass from 1 MERCIAN has designed an interactive online mapping app to introduce his soldiers to wargaming and has been highly commended by his Commanding

2nd Lieutenants Arnold and Wass have kept up the innovation last week, using videos and panoramic photos to create a virtual TEWT, (Tactical Exercise Without Troops) and practice quick battle orders with their junior commanders.


A history of the Royal Wiltshire Yeomanry Primus in Armis written by the former Regimental Medical Officer of Old Sarum based B Squadron, the Royal Wessex Yeomanry, has just been published by Fonthill Media.

Primus in Armis -First in Arms- is the motto of the Royal Wiltshire Yeomanry, Britain’s senior regiment of volunteer cavalry raised in 1794 at the Bear Hotel in Devizes against the threat of a French invasion.

Soldiers from the Royal Wiltshire Yeomanry have served in South Africa, the first and second world wars, the Balkans, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Written by Lt Colonel Stephen Keoghane, the book contains many photographs, especially of the Second World War and he has interviewed the families of many veterans to gain an insight to the personalities of those who served.

He said: “Many of the places where the regiment fought in the Second World War will be familiar from recent international news, including Aleppo, Palmyra and Baghdad. “

“The battle of El Alamein in the autumn of 1942 was possibly their finest hour,” says Stephen, who joined the Royal Wessex Yeomanry in 1994.


Major John Buckley, The Quartermaster of 26 Engineer Regiment has launched a fundraising drive to raise £2,000 for a garden at Perham Down.

“I’ve always said charity should begin at home,” said John. “This includes my second home being Swinton Barracks, Perham Down. Having been stationed on this camp for over 15 years on and off, I thought it only right to give something back to the men and women who serve here.”

“My aim is to provide officer’s and soldier’s alike the opportunity to retreat to an area of camp to reflect and have some ‘me time’, especially for those that live within the barracks.”

John has been running a kilometre for every day in the month, day 1 is 1km, day 2 is 2km and so on, finishing with 31km on day 31 a total of 496kms. At the time of writing the fund had reached £1,200.