PEREGRINE and Salisbury Cathedral enthusiasts can now have a say in what the newest chicks on the tower should be named.

On May 22 the cathedral's nature conservation advisor, Phil Sheldrake, and peregrine ringer for the south west Ed Drewitt, ringed the four peregrines that were born onsite earlier this month.

Now the family has been ringed, measured and weighed, and in recognition of the Salisbury 2020 Big Weekend and the 800th anniversary of the cathedral, the chicks are being named after important figures in the monument's history.

13 names have been put forward, each with an assigned character, and now the public can choose their favourites in a vote.

The name choices are: Elias, Henry, Osmund or Thomas (for the male), and Ela, Elinor, Ellie, Helena, Henrietta, Honor, Katherine, Thomasina or Wilhemina for the females.

The voting deadline is Thursday, June 4.

The individual chicks, made up of three females and one male, can now be identified by the blue ID ring with two initials on their leg.

These rings mean that when the birds fledge, a person with sharp eyes, binoculars or a telescope should be able to identify them.

For more information and to vote visit the cathedral website.