A RANGE of online talks, virtual exhibitions and activities will be taking place across the weekend as part of Salisbury 2020 Big Weekend.

The three-day event, which started yesterday, runs until Sunday.

Salisbury 2020: City on the move partners have come together to present a weekend packed with music sessions, yoga, family workshops, sports training, quizzes, fascinating talks and virtual exhibitions – all presented online free to everyone.

The celebrations are part of Salisbury 2020, city on the move - marking the 800th anniversary of the founding of Salisbury Cathedral and the emergence of the modern city.


  • The Salisbury Hundreds presented by Salisbury Museum, exploring eight centuries of the cathedral and the city through Instagram posts @salisburymuseum (9am)
  • Wiltshire Creative's Makers' Tale (10am, runs all day)

Salisbury Journal:

  • Salisbury 2020 Creative Learning (10am)
  • The Peregrine Detective, a talk by Ed Drewitt, naturalist and ringing specialist for peregrines in South West England (10am)
  • #Where's Sally? The cathedral’s new nature project aimed at children, which is being trialled on the cathedral website. It uses GPS data captured over the course of two years in the life of one of the tower’s most famous residents, Sally, to teach children all about peregrines, and take them on a journey around the area (10.30am)
  • How can 21st century cities ensure that their opportunities can benefit all their citizens? Part of Wiltshire Creative's panel discussions (11am, pre-book at wiltshirecreative.co.uk
  • Family Fitness with Alex Taylor of Kidz Love Fit (11.30am)
  • Football - Front Room Freestyle with coaches Perry Cocking, Pezzaz Street Soccer & Southampton FC, and Geoff Bonner, Wessex Futsal Club & Southampton FC (12pm)
  • Andrew Ziminski: Salisbury in ruins, part of the Festival of Ideas: What next for the city? (12.30pm)
  • Salisbury Live Music Sessions (1pm)

Salisbury Journal:

  • Can 21st century cities balance economic growth and environmental sustainability? (2.30pm pre-booking required)
  • Total tone exercise class with Alex Taylor of Girls Love Fit (3pm)
  • Introduction to yoga with Sarah Naylor
  • A Festival of Ideas: What Next for the City? Professor Christian Frost: The Legacy of the Foundation of Salisbury: Festival, Movement and City (4pm)
  • Charles I, talk by Leanda de Lisle (5pm) Picture by Martin Cook

Salisbury Journal:

  • What is the role of the high street in a 21st century city? Panel discussion (5.30pm, pre-booking required)
  • The Old Manor Hospital presented by Frogg Moody of Salisbury History Festival
  • In Conversation with Phil Harding (7pm)


  • The Salisbury Hundreds presented by Salisbury Museum, exploring eight centuries of the cathedral and the city through Instagram posts @salisburymuseum (9am, runs all day)
  • Salisbury 2020 Creative Learning (10am)
  • The Virtual Body of Christ? Worship in digital spaces (10am)
  • Meet the author: Jenny Pearson (11am, pre-booking required)

Salisbury Journal:

  • Makers' Tale pre-recorded panel discussion (12pm, runs all day)
  • Football – Skillz to beat top 10 with coaches Perry Cocking and Geoff Bonner (12pm)
  • Befriending death? Reflecting on vulnerability. Live session of reflection with The Revd Canon James Woodward, Principal of Sarum College (1pm, pre-booking required)
  • Family games and activities (2pm)
  • Literary Walk Live (2pm, pre-booking required)
  • High intensity interval training (HIIT) with Alex Taylor (2.30pm)
  • Sue Allenby – Elias: A Story of the Founding of Salisbury (3pm)

Salisbury Journal:

  • Yoga relaxation and meditation with Sarah Naylor (5pm)
  • Seated Stretch - Inclusive Fitness with Sam James (5.30pm)
  • The Salisbury Anthem (6pm)
  • Salisbury Cathedral: Concluding Thoughts from the Dean of Salisbury, Nicholas Papadopulos, prior to the final event (6.30pm)
  • Salisbury Literary Festival's Literary Quiz (7pm, pre-booking required)

Visit salisbury2020.com for more information.