A SPECIAL illumination tonight (June 4) will pay homage to the many volunteers in Salisbury who have been supporting the community during the coronavirus pandemic.

The faces of 40 volunteers from the Salisbury area, who have been nominated by the public, will be projected onto the front of the Guildhall.

The illumination will also be a way to celebrate Volunteers Day.

Councillor Jeremy Nettle, the leader of the city council, said: “We have projected some fantastic illuminations over past weeks to celebrate VE Day, NHS and key workers. Now I am delighted that on the 4th June we will be able to light up The Guildhall with photos of our volunteers in Salisbury (a picture says more than a 1,000 words) who have played such a vital part in our lives during the pandemic.”

The council has been working with Peachy Productions who will light up the Guildhall with the special illumination.

It will be best seen after 9pm.