A FUNDRAISING campaign has been launched to create a film about the city as part of Salisbury 2020.

Wessex Archaeology, based in Old Sarum, has partnered with local filmmaker Ethem Cetintas and Time Team archaeologist Phil Harding to create the film which will focus on the story of how the city developed and the stories of the people of Salisbury.

Salisbury Uncovered will delve into the extensive archive of information from past discoveries in the area by Wessex Archaeology and other local partners, as well as offering new insights and perspectives from modern technology, such as 3D recreations.

“As an educational charity, we’re hoping to create an exciting film which tells the story of Salisbury and its people, going right back into the prehistoric,” says Phil Harding, who will be presenting the film. “We want to spark the interest and imagination of the local community here, and show them what life might have been like in their house or their street hundreds of years ago.”

“It’s a really tough time for everyone at the moment and very sad that we can’t get together as a community to celebrate this hugely significant anniversary year for our city,” says Wessex Archaeology CEO, Chris Brayne. “We’re hoping that with this film we can get people engaging and interacting with this place in a different, but equally meaningful, way.”

Fundraising will pay for the film to be produced, which will the partnership is then hoping to make available to the public online and via viewing events next year. So far, the campaign has raised £2,570 of its £35,000 target.

“We’ve still got a way to go, so any donations are very gratefully received,” continues Chris. “We’re a city of around 60,000 people, so even if only half of the community donated just £1, we’ll be able to get this over the line.”

To make a donation click here.