LIVE Escape Salisbury has launched an escape room players can experience online.

The game is called ‘POD’ and just like a real life escape room, teams need to find clues, solve puzzles and work together to save the world in just 60 minutes.Via Zoom, players enter what is left of a crashed space ship and become ‘Mission Control’. They must guide the remote agent around the ship in the hope they can piece together how to close the Portal Opening Device before aliens invade.

The game’s story also features some famous landmarks from the city and across Wiltshire. “This escape room is definitely more lighthearted than our room Spectre on Castle Street,” admits Charlie Pitcher, the owner and game designer at the escape rooms in Castle Street.

“We’ve played a lot of online escape/puzzle games since lockdown and we like the avatar games the best. It’s the closest you can get to a real life escape room while we are all still unable to see/visit each other, he added.

“We had to close our doors on March 23rd and we still don’t know for certain when we can re-open. We’re committed to keeping everyone safe and this online experience will be an exciting hour’s entertainment when you want to spend time online with friends, family or even work colleagues.”

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