A BARBERS received 300 bookings in just four hours after relaunching its website.

Jimmy's Barber Shop, on Milford Street, announced earlier this month it was 'preparing to reopen' following a change to government guidelines and advice, and was then flooded with bookings once the website was back up and running.

A statement from the barbers said: “We’d just like to say thank you to all our loyal clients who booked on the relaunch of our website on Tuesday after the government’s announcement.

"The traffic has been phenomenal on the site and it received over 300 bookings in 4 hours, making us fully booked for the next three weeks by that evening alone.

"This has been an amazing response and gives us the knowledge that all the hard work we have put in over the last 10 years really has paid us back."

Several more hair dressers and salons in the city have also confirmed they are preparing to reopen within the next week.

Jimmy's added: "A massive thanks to all our faithful, patient clients. We really look forward to rectifying those home creations."