THE emergency services are warning people of the dangers of jumping from the ruins of a mill into the river below.

Due to the hot weather a number of families and young people have been using Cut Mill, near Sturminster Newton, to cool off and enjoy the weather.

A spokesman for Sherborne Fire Station said: "Whilst there is no issue with the swimming or playing in the river itself, a number of reports of jumping off of the ruins of the mill and into the water below is of great concern and highly discouraged for the public's own safety.

"Jumping into water can be extremely dangerous and this has been proven by recent events at Durdle Door leaving four people with serious injuries.

"You may not know how deep the water is, what is below the surface, how strong the current is and how cold it is resulting in Cold Water Shock.

"We are now asking the public alongside Dorset Police to familiarise themselves on how to stay safe whilst visiting the river and the importance of safety near water as a whole and at anytime."

Here are the main messages:

 * Respect the water and take care.

* Never go to the river alone.

* If you fall unexpectedly or get into difficulty in the water try and remain calm and FLOAT on your back with arms and legs out like a starfish.

* If someone is is in trouble in the water, encourage them to FLOAT, If safe to do so you can throw them something to hold on to. If they can't get to the bank and safely out call 999 and ask for the fire service.

* If you are going to play at the river remember to respect the water, respect the countryside (Take your rubbish home, close gates etc), respect the local community and keep to social distancing guidelines.