AS PART of the Journal’s lockdown babies feature, which was launched last week, we would like to introduce you to these 12 bundles of joy who came into the world in very challenging circumstances.

All of them were born at Salisbury District Hospital during lockdown meaning that most of them still haven’t been able to receive a proper cuddle from wider family and friends.

They are some of the 577 babies (283 boys, 295 girls and seven sets of twins) who were delivered by the hospital’s maternity team between March 23 and June 29.

Thanks to the fantastic response to our recent appeal, we have been able to collect all these pictures for you to see. They will be publishing in this week's paper.

Once again, thank you to all those who took part and congratulations on your new arrivals!

Salisbury Journal: Sienna at six weeks oldSienna at six weeks old

Sienna Thornber

Born at Salisbury District Hospital on April 28, weighing 8lbs 3oz

Her mum Lucy Thornber, of Riverdown Park, said: "Sienna was due on the 17th of April and arrived 11 days later following induction.

"The most difficult part was having to say goodbye to my husband at the door to the maternity ward and not knowing how long it would be until he would be able to come in.

"The midwife team at Salisbury District Hospital were truly wonderful, so helpful and supportive through the whole process and never once did I feel alone."

Salisbury Journal: Frazer with his dad Tyler David BrockwayFrazer with his dad Tyler David Brockway

Frazer Tyler Brockway

Born at Salisbury District Hospital on June 6, weighing 7lbs 8ounces.

His mum Fyona Adele O’Neill from Amesbury said: "I was one push away from needing an emergency c-section but he came out safe and sound! 

"He is absolutely perfect and couldn’t be more lucky to have him here."

Salisbury Journal: Eliza Pixie Jasmine UdellEliza Pixie Jasmine Udell

Eliza Pixie Jasmine Udell

Born at Salisbury District Hospital on March 21, weighing 5lbs 15oz.

Her mum Joanne Tinkler-Hearne from Salisbury said: "It was hard because I'd planned to have both my partner and my sister as my birthing partners.

"Eliza was born two weeks early and was tiny, definitely a scary time to have a baby. 

"She has definitely been the best lockdown buddy and made what's been almost three months seem a few weeks."

Salisbury Journal: Josiah Daniel RonnieJosiah Daniel Ronnie

Josiah Daniel Ronnie

Born at Salisbury District Hospital on May 20, weighing 8lbs 5oz.

His mum Michelle Scott from Ringwood said: "Josiah was eight days late and contractions started the night I had a sweep. We went into Salisbury maternity at 4am and Josiah came at 22.34 that evening."

Salisbury Journal: Lewis Warren Alex SuttonLewis Warren Alex Sutton

Lewis Warren Alex Sutton

Born at Salisbury District Hospital on May 21, weighing 7lbs 6oz.

His mum Penny Sutton from Durrington said: "After trying for a baby for 10 years, the last trimester and labour and the first three weeks of Lewis's life is nothing like we dreamt of.

"We haven't been able to see friends and family, family haven't had cuddles and have only seen him from a social distance." 

Although giving birth during lockdown was "scary", "the staff and midwife team were brilliant and looked after us all so well."

Salisbury Journal: Harlowe Elodie Murray at three months oldHarlowe Elodie Murray at three months old

Harlowe Elodie Murray

Born at Salisbury District Hospital on March 12, weighing 8lbs.

Her mum Sammie from Gillingham said: "Having a baby during lockdown is incredibly hard and lonely when you can't see your friends and family, not just to help and support you but also to meet the baby. 

"Three months later and some still haven't met her but as long as she is safe and well, that's all that matters."

Salisbury Journal: Roman Lee Mackay Hill when he was just a few hours old!Roman Lee Mackay Hill when he was just a few hours old!

Roman Lee Mackay Hill

Born at Salisbury District Hospital on June 9, weighing 4lbs 10oz.

His mum Kara Leigh Coates from Amesbury said: "Lockdown was a difficult time for me and my partner, I have anxiety and found it very hard going into labour without my partner by my side.

"Without the support of the two midwives I don't think I would have coped as well as I did. They were there every step of the way making sure Roman and I were okay through all stages of labour."

Salisbury Journal: Ezra Kit Maddison at one week oldEzra Kit Maddison at one week old

Ezra Kit Maddison

Born at Salisbury District Hospital on March 23, weighing 7lbs 11oz.

His mum Rebecca Maddison from Wilton said: "Ezra was born during the lockdown announcement on March 23!

"He was born almost exactly a year after we lost his big sister, so he really has been a rainbow of hope for his family during lockdown."

Salisbury Journal: Archie George Alexander with his brother LoganArchie George Alexander with his brother Logan

Archie George Alexander

Born at Salisbury District Hospital on May 25, weighing 9lbs 2.5oz.

His mum Amber Hollick from Hindon said: "Our birth experience with Archie was lovely and relaxed, we arrived at hospital on the Monday morning knowing I'd be induced as he was a lazy boy and had gone 10 days over his due date.

"Due to restrictions [my partner] Chris had to stay in the car until I was in established labour. Although I was on my own in the hospital the midwives made me feel so relaxed and comfortable and once I went into labour and dad was allowed in, Archie didn't want to wait. Around 2 hours and 55 minutes later, at 6.03pm, our chunky 9lbs 2.5oz bundle was born."

Salisbury Journal: Enzo Joey Elliott with his sisters Esme and CeceliaEnzo Joey Elliott with his sisters Esme and Cecelia

Enzo Joey Elliott

Born at Salisbury District Hospital on April 7, weighing 8lbs 3oz.

His mum Cat Elliott from Salisbury said: "Although Enzo is our third child, we had many worries about having a baby under the current circumstances.

"However, we received such wonderful treatment during our time at Salisbury District Hospital. It was heartbreaking to not be able to share our joy with loved ones, especially Enzo’s big sisters but we made the most of technology by video chatting family members to introduce him.

"I’m sad for all we couldn’t do with our newborn, but on reflection I’m also very grateful for the time we had together once all home, in our little bubble, as a new family of five."

Salisbury Journal: Eli James Nicholas LoveEli James Nicholas Love

Eli James Nicholas Love

Born at Salisbury District Hospital on June 9, weighing 7lbs 13oz.

His mum Abigail Paige Webb from Tidworth said: "I was terrified to go into labour during Covid-19 as I knew my other half couldn’t come straight in with me.

"However all the midwives at Salisbury Hospital were fantastic and made me feel comfortable and content considering the circumstances."

Salisbury Journal: Alyssia-RoseAlyssia-Rose


Born at Salisbury District Hospital on March 27, weighing 6lb10 1.5oz.

Her mum Shelby Jane from Amesbury said: "My labour was three hours long, and I was already 8cm dilated once I got to the hospital after my waters broke a bit earlier so my boyfriend was allowed straight in and she was born about an hour later!

"I cannot thank my midwife Louise enough, she was absolutely amazing even with what was going on and I couldn’t have done it without her!"

Salisbury Journal: Louie Arthur TyrrellLouie Arthur Tyrrell

Louie Arthur Tyrrell

Born at Salisbury District Hospital on April 9, weighing 7lbs 11oz.

His mum Rebecca Tyrrell from Durrington said: "Lockdown has not taken anything from me and my family. If anything it has made us grow and learn as a new family of five. We have all bonded together at home for eight weeks, something that under normal circumstances would never have been possible and it has been truely magical."