EXTINCTION Rebellion (XR) and Planet Shaftesbury members used bread and bicycles in their most recent protest.

To coincide with the latest report published by the Government’s Committee on Climate Change (CCC), last Thursday, June 25, eight activists staged a socially distanced protest on Gold Hill, demanding that the authority ‘Build Back Better’ from the Covid-19 pandemic.

The strike action featured a loaf of bread baked in the shape of the XR symbol, an egg-timer to suggest time is running out, and a reenactment of Ridley Scott’s Hovis advert.

In the protestors' version of the advert, bicycles were pushed up the hill to represent what the group described as "the pre-pandemic grind", followed by an exhilarating 'freewheel' down the hill, "to symbolise the opportunities to build a better future for all".

Richard Ecclestone of XR Shaftesbury said: “As citizens we need to have confidence that the Government has got our backs when it comes to our safety and security.

“Sadly the CCC report again illustrates that they haven’t, and highlights their woeful lack of action to rapidly decarbonise the economy in order to prevent the catastrophe that awaits all species, including humans, if the world is allowed to warm by the two to four degrees that we are currently on course for.

"What we need now is leadership from our politicians to use the pandemic recovery as the opportunity to build back a better future for us all.”