AS hairdressers prepare to reopen for the first time in three months, many will be wondering: 'what will it be like?'

A hair salon in Wilton has produced a short video to show customers what to expect when its doors reopen on Saturday.

JAS Hair Group, which runs salons in Wilton, Salisbury and Parkwood Health Club, is inviting all its customers to turn up on time for their appointment and wait outside the door until they are called in.

Staff will be wearing masks, visors and disposable aprons and will invite customers to use hand saniters as soon as they walk through the door.

People are being asked to come on their own, bring their own masks and pay by card or through the salon's app.

Refreshments will not be served and magazine will not be available to reduce contact to a minimum. 

"We've received 1,500 appointments so we'll be pretty busy to start with," said owner Jayne Prigent.

"Our team of 35 are excited and a bit nervous just because it's a new thing but mainly they're excited about going back to doing the job they love."

Are you going back to your hairdresser's this weekend? If you are, let us know what it was like and don't forget to send us pictures of your hair before and after! Email