A “DANGEROUS, reckless [and] thoughtless” drink driver was taken off the roads last week during the latest spate of speeding incidents in north Dorset.

On Wednesday, June 24, the Dorset Police ‘no excuse’ team was conducting speed checks along the A30 Sherbourne to Yeovil route, which is a 70mph zone, when they recorded seven speeding offences.

This included a Mitsibishi Outlander travelling at 92mph.

After stopping this vehicle, the team was “shocked” to find the motorist inside “intoxicated”.

Following the incident the team said: “Another dangerous, reckless, thoughtless, speeding drink driver taken off our roads. We are appalled by the risks the minority of drivers still take. Especially this driver who was speeding and intoxicated.

"We are glad we stopped her before she hurt herself, someone else or worse."

After providing a breath sample, the woman was arrested and taken to Weymouth custody.

According to the police she was “left in a cell to contemplate her actions and sober up, before being charged to court where she now faces being disqualified”.

On the same day a further six people were caught driving faster than 90mph along the Sherborne to Yeovil dual carriageway, who as a result were stopped and reported to court.

These included the drivers of a BMW travelling at 96mph, a BMW at 98mph, a Volkswagen Bora at 98mph and a transporter driver delivering a Volkswagen to Yeovil at 99mph.

A biker was stopped for reaching 111mph while racing his friend, and a driver of an Audi had a child in the car while driving at 101mph.

In addition to the speeding incidents, a Mazda and a Corsa were seized on the same day for no insurance.

According to the ‘no excuse’ team the Mazda driver said he had a traders policy but then forgot all the details.

The Corsa driver was “thankful and apologetic, stating she had let things slip”, but there had not been any tax on the vehicle since January.

The ‘no excuse’ team summarised some of the 33 offences that officers dealt with on June 24: “At the beginning of the shift on the A35 dual carriageway, we dealt with one motorbike for riding without due care and a BMW at 95mph.

“The motorbike rider decided to squeeze between two unmarked police cars in his haste to make progress and the BMW overtook another one at 95mph.

“On the A30 Sherborne to Yeovil dual carriageway we reported six people to court for travelling in excess of 96mph. We seized two cars and issued fixed penalties to the rest, mainly for speeding in the 86 to 95mph range but also one for a bald tyre and a number plate not conforming.”