THROUGHOUT the Covid-19 pandemic a Salisbury portrait photographer has been capturing the "special moments" experienced by children, where lockdown has been "shaping their future".

Gemma Brunton wanted to document the positive impact that lockdown has had on young people, including moments of learning, reunion and relationships, so launched the charitable project 'Children of Salisbury – Life After Lockdown'.

The project will reflect what this time has been like for children and aims to be a positive visual to look back on years later.

"There are lots of photography projects going on during lockdown, but I wanted to look at it through the eyes of children," the 44-year-old said.

She added: "This time and experience we are all going through will shape their future. I want to explore the positive effects of lockdown and those special moments we may have taken for granted."

Each photoshoot will adhere to current social distancing measures and will be completed outside.

Gemma added: "For some this means nurturing a love of nature, the outdoors and animals, for others it has been the opportunity to bond with siblings, perhaps developing a sense of community spirit by helping others, or learning a new skill that may take them down a different path as they get older.

"We are nurturing the next generation of vets, environmentalists, volunteers, carers, master bakers, sports professionals – and the possibility that lockdown may have fostered that future is something I hope to explore through these portraits. This slower pace of live has allowed them to realise what they might want."

Gemma wants to complete 100 photoshoots by the end of the year, which will then feature in a limited edition archival book.

"So far the response has been fantastic, but I have a limited amount of time to make this work before the moment has gone," she added.

The money raised from participating families will be donated to either Stars Appeal or Action for Children, with more than £1,500 already secured.

Signed versions of the future book will be presented to the patrons of each charity, the Earl of Pembroke and the Duchess of Cambridge, along with the Bishop of Salisbury Nicholas Holtam, to mark this year being the 800th anniversary of Salisbury Cathedral's foundation.

For more information and to sign up for a photoshoot visit