WELCOME to the third edition of our lockdown babies feature!

This week, we'd like to introduce you to these 15 bundles of joy who came into the world in the midst of a pandemic. 

Salisbury Journal: Amelia Frances CullAmelia Frances Cull

Amelia Frances Cull

Born at Salisbury District Hospital on April 2, weighing 8lbs 8 1/2oz.

Her mum Kirsty said: "All the staff in the ward were lovely and it was nice to not think about coronavirus for a while. The following day the rules were changed and all staff had to wear masks.

"I can’t thank the midwives, doctors and maternity assistants enough. They were all so helpful, calm and reassuring which definitely helped my experience of becoming a first time mum during a global pandemic."

Salisbury Journal: Aziel BankoleAziel Bankole

Aziel Bankole

Born at Salisbury District Hospital on June 7, weighing 9lbs 2oz.

His mum Elizabeth, from Salisbury, said: "It was quite a long labour and being stuck in a room for such a long time without my partner being able to go out for fresh air or get something to eat made it more traumatic.

"Unusual circumstances made special by the arrival of this little person who is indeed part of our pandemic history."

Salisbury Journal: Harley Jackson SmithHarley Jackson Smith

Harley Jackson Smith

Born at Salisbury District Hospital on March 26, weighing 6lbs 3oz.

His mum Tequila, from Salisbury, said: "Pre arrival we were asked screening questions over the phone, on arrival we were taken to a labour room and told we had to stay in that room and not wonder the ward.

"All post birth appointments were strange as most were done over the phone and the ones that weren't, we had a health visitor come to our house with full mask and PPE and very limited contact with the baby."

Salisbury Journal: Harvey MilnerHarvey Milner

Harvey Milner

Born at Salisbury District Hospital on May 23, weighing 6lbs 3oz.

His mum Sophie, from Salisbury, said: "I was induced on the 22nd of May, I was in labour by 8am on the 23rd and had my son Harvey at 4.29pm."

Salisbury Journal: Jaxon Robert Francis SalmonJaxon Robert Francis Salmon

Jaxon Robert Francis Salmon

Born at Salisbury District Hospital on April 18, weighing 4lbs 1oz.

His mum Shara, from Tidworth, said: "Jaxon was born at 36 weeks, due to me having oligohydramnios (low amniotic fluid). He unfortunately stopped growing at 34 weeks and was born via emergency c-section. We spent a week in NICU where he was put on antibiotics, fluid drips and treated for jaundice.

"Two months later and Jaxon is thriving and growing well."

Salisbury Journal: Vinnie CookVinnie Cook

Vinnie Cook

Born at Salisbury District Hospital on May 18, weighing 6lbs 9oz.

Her mum Bena Tymms said: "I gave birth naturally to my first baby after a very quick labour. My waters went at around 2am at home and Vinnie arrived at 6.10am!

"Once I was back on the post natal ward my partner had to go back home and was only allowed back for three hours to visit which was difficult but the midwives were very supportive."

Salisbury Journal: Henry Jake Ruairi Wright Henry Jake Ruairi Wright

Henry Jake Ruairi Wright

Born at Salisbury District Hospital on May 24, weighing 7lbs 13oz.

His mum Faye O’Gorman, from Paul’s Dene, said: "Henry was born ‘en caul’ which means he was born in his waters - this is really rare, 1 in 80,000 births!

"[I was] proud to be pregnant in a pandemic and to have done it alone! What a story to tell in the future!"

Salisbury Journal: Jack Peter Mitchell with his sister PhoebeJack Peter Mitchell with his sister Phoebe

Jack Peter Mitchell

Born at Salisbury District Hospital on April 9, weighing 6lbs 6oz.

His mum Amanda Shaw, from Salisbury, said: "Jack was due on the 16th of April and I was booked in for a planned c-section on the 9th. The morning was full of text messages and phone calls from our family wishing us luck.

"My midwives Sophie and Karen were amazing, so kind and caring. The operating staff were so reassuring and made the experience so much better than I thought it would be."

Salisbury Journal: Sophie Rose TomesSophie Rose Tomes

Sophie Rose Tomes

Born at Salisbury District Hospital on June 4, weighing 7lbs 14oz.

Her mum Amber, from Durrington, ended up having a c-section.

She said: "My husband was only allowed to visit us for three hours the next day, but the support we received from the midwives was incredible, they worked incredibly hard all hours of the day, even behind the masks and protective wear, they still made you feel safe and reassured!"

Salisbury Journal: Oliver HamiltonOliver Hamilton

Oliver Hamilton

Born at Salisbury District Hospital on June 7, weighing 8lbs 12oz.

His mum Hannah Clark, from Amesbury, said: "I was so thankful we were allowed one birth partner with us during birth as it was my first child and I feel I couldn't have done it without him.

"After a long slog we got taken to theatre on Saturday evening and gave birth to Oliver at 12.45am via forceps. Although it was halfway through a lockdown it didn't seem that way as everyone was so accommodating and helpful and the masks and aprons just blended in."

Salisbury Journal: Heidi Quinn MetcalfeHeidi Quinn Metcalfe

Heidi Quinn Metcalfe

Born at Salisbury District Hospital on April 25, weighing 7lbs 2oz.

Her mum Katie, from Salisbury, said: "I had an induced labour which started on the 23rd of April but our baby girl was reluctant to come out of her safe place and finally made an appearance on the 25th at 12.45am.

"Due to the current circumstances my husband was not permitted to stay with me and was only called to come to the hospital during active labour which was 2.5 hours before I gave birth.

"My stay at the hospital was rather lonely and not how I had envisaged but I gave birth to a beautiful healthy little girl and that's all that matters now."

Salisbury Journal: Violet BoyleViolet Boyle

Violet Boyle

Born at Salisbury District Hospital on April 2, weighing 8lbs 3oz.

Her mum Abigail, from Salisbury, said: "We had a tricky birth with premature waters breaking at 38 weeks. 

"My baby was born by forceps and episiotomy at 6.16pm, 45 hours after my waters broke. My husband was able to stay for an hour afterwards but then had to leave and got a taxi.

"Had my birth been uncomplicated, we had originally been planning to hire a private room for him to stay overnight but with Covid we were unable to."

Salisbury Journal: Luna SpellerLuna Speller

Luna Speller

Born at Salisbury District Hospital on June 5, weighing 6lbs 11oz.

Her mum Linn, from Mere, said: "Our baby Luna arrived on the 5th of June at 2.58pm weighing 6lb 11oz and she couldn't be more perfect.

"Having a cesarian meant that I would have to spend some time in the hospital to recover and to make sure Luna was ok. I can't say that I enjoyed any of this as I had to spend most of the time on my own without my husband.

"The staff were lovely, of course, but it won't make up for not being able to be together as a family for the first days of your baby's life."

Salisbury Journal: Lucas Michael SimsLucas Michael Sims

Lucas Michael Sims

Born at Salisbury District Hospital on April 30, weighing 7lbs 6oz.

His mum Danielle Venes, from Tidworth, said: "When coronavirus hit us I was 30 weeks pregnant so I self-isolated and only attended hospital appointments alone. I knew I was going to be induced early at 38 weeks as I had a high risk pregnancy and gestational diabetes. 

"This was my second emergency c-section and I was very nervous, however the staff at Salisbury Hospital were so fantastic and really reassured us both even though I couldn’t see their full faces behind all that PPE."

Salisbury Journal: Georgie Allana ReynoldsGeorgie Allana Reynolds

Georgie Allana Reynolds

Born at Salisbury District Hospital on May 22, weighing 7lbs 8½oz.

Her mum Gemma said: "We arrived at Salisbury Hospital already in labour and my husband was able to stay the whole time during labour. 

"We had to have two midwives in with me due to me being monitored, they were both amazing and couldn't thank them enough."