CLIMATE change protest group Extinction Rebellion says it “applauds local decision makers”, with plans to pedestrianise Salisbury city centre, but adds that it is still “not enough.”

Revealed by the Journal last week, Salisbury city centre will be cut off to through-traffic from September.

Wiltshire Council says the plans will allow it to introduce ‘People Friendly Streets’ to the city.

Using an Experimental Traffic Regulation Order (ETRO), the council is to trial closing the city centre to all through-traffic, only allowing access to buses and taxis, as well as access for residents, deliveries, and to car parks and disabled access.

But now in a letter to the Journal, the Salisbury branch of the group said it is “delighted that Wiltshire Council, with the active support of the city council and the BID, will be pedestrianising the city centre from September”.

It added: “Through our Street Swarms, we have brought local cyclists and pedestrians onto our streets to make the case for a healthier, safer and more climate friendly city.

“The onslaught of Covid-19 and the need for social distancing have reinforced the argument. The time is right to act.

“We applaud our local decision makers. This is an important step in responding to the climate crisis.

“But it is not enough.

“Neither Wiltshire or Salisbury City Councils have an adequate plan on how to realise a net-zero-carbon city and county, even though they have both declared a climate emergency.

“Extinction Rebellion will keep the pressure on – to ensure that the promise of pedestrianisation is realised and that our impact on the climate is central to all council planning and decision making.”