A SCHOOL in Alderbury is raising money to install a memorial for a "wonderful and very bright" little boy.

Alderbury Pre-School is looking to raise £1,000 to pay tribute to a three-year-old who passed away in a tragic accident earlier this year.

Laura Reeves, a member of the committee, said: "He used to attend the pre-school with my son, he was a family friend as well so it's quite close to home.

"He was wonderful and very bright, he had a big influence on everybody.

"Being part of the committee it greatly affected us, he can't go unremembered. He deserves to be part of the history of the pre-school."

Due to the current pandemic and social distancing restrictions, organising a traditional fundraiser was not possible.

However, a JustGiving page was enough to galvanise the local community.

Laura added: "Within 24 hours it was in the hundreds which is fantastic. We didn't plan to get there so it's fantastic to see the support coming in."

Discussions over what the memorial should be are still ongoing.

However, it's hoped the money raised - more than £600 so far - will allow them to purchase a new piece of play equipment for the school's outdoor area.

"Hopefully in the shape of an animal, as he loved animals very much."

Any money leftover will be used to provide extra storage space in the play area.

Anyone who would like to donate can do so at https://bit.ly/2BGmUtl