BETWEEN November and June police officers had been called to a house in Downton 30 times for anti-social behaviour and criminal activity.

This was described by Wiltshire Police's Inspector Pete Sparrow as "the highest number of logs linked to a single residential property", with concerns including drug use and supply, underage driving and welfare.

As a result a closure order has now been authorised meaning no one can enter the property on Roman Meadow for three months, apart from the occupant and emergency services.

In May, officers visited the occupant and issued her with a community protection warning, stopping her from allowing under 18s into the address, as well as anyone between the hours of 9pm and 9am.

It also prevented her from playing loud music, allowing drug use or supply in or around the property and using threatening, intimidating behaviour or language.

Following breaches of the warning, a community protection notice was issued.

Inspector Pete Sparrow said: "This is by far the highest number of logs linked to a single residential property across our rural beat areas - an area with a total population of more than 30,000 people.

"As well as this, we have also had a high number of intelligence reports linked to the address, including concerns regarding drug use and supply, underage driving and welfare concerns.

"It is clear that these ongoing incidents of anti-social behaviour are having an increasingly detrimental effect on those living nearby. We have worked closely with Wiltshire Council on this application and I am pleased that it has been approved by magistrates.

"Officers will continue to carry out regular visits to the address as well as high-visibility patrols to ensure the order is being adhered to over the coming months."