FIVE "sub-standard" bus shelters across Salisbury are to be replaced between now and 2022.

As previously reported, resident David Brown has been calling on Salisbury Area Board to fix issues with bus shelters in Coronation Road, Devizes Road, Balmoral Road, Bishopdown Road and Herbert Road, since they were first installed.

He previously described the replacement shelters as “absolute rubbish” and “not fit for purpose" and said there is a gap at the top of them which meant people were getting wet while waiting for the bus.

Now, it has been confirmed by Wiltshire and Salisbury City Councillor Sven Hocking that two of the shelters will be replaced this financial year, and the remaining three in the next.

Following the news Mr Brown said: "It has been a long hard fight, sometimes unpleasant, but I stuck to my task as I did when the Skew Bridge junction was messed about.

"In purchasing the sub-standard shelters against the advice of officers, the Conservative led Area Board wasted £20,000 of tax payers' money.

"It was a project doomed to failure from the start since nobody from the Conservative councillors appeared to possess any basic engineering knowledge to play an active part in the purchase, to ensure they and we were getting value for money."

Mr Brown added that the first two shelters are to be installed in Coronation and Balmoral Road in time for the autumn months.

The project was first approved at a Salisbury Area Board meeting in July 2018, when £10,958 was allocated by Wiltshire Council to replace the existing shelters.

Mr Brown added: "I am sorry that you will not see me celebrating under my green and white umbrella. Travelling on a [Number 2] bus the bell did not work where I wanted to get off, and trying to stop the bus I forgot to collect it and it was never handed in. Keep watch for me please."