DESPITE not going ahead last weekend, Shaftesbury Fringe left its mark in the town with towers and artwork.

Founded in 2016, the event was set to return to the town during the country’s unofficial ‘Fringe circuit’ on July 4 and 5, but was forced to cancel as it fell victim to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Replacing the usual music, dance and theatre in venues across Shaftesbury, special artworks by artist Jon Corry, assisted by Fringe co-chairmen Rob Neely and James Thrift, were set up outside the town hall.

The features, including signage and parts of mannequins, were to remind passers-by that the event will return next year.

On Facebook organisers said: “While we’ve missing the Fringe fun this year (boo) we’re on the ball for Fringe 2021 (yay)!

“These jaunty yellow legs [pictured] can be spotted outside the town hall, usually the hub of Fringe.

“It’s just a little reminder that we’ll be back bigger, better and brighter next year.”

Shaftesbury Fringe will return on the first weekend of July in 2021.