PARENTS with newborn babies are being encouraged to get in touch as the telephone line to make birth registration appointments has re-opened.

People can call 0300 003 4569 to make an appointment in the Chippenham, Salisbury or Trowbridge offices.

Many parents have had to wait a considerable length of time to make an appointment to register their baby’s birth.

Some babies born during the lockdown period, from March 24 to June 1 inclusive, have still to be registered.

Until the backlog created by Covid-19 has reduced, only births occurring within the Wiltshire Council area can be given appointments.

The service can’t currently register a baby born in another district.

Birth certificates cost £11. Anyone who wishes to purchase birth certificates, should note that only card payments can be taken.

Cllr Richard Clewer, Cabinet Member for Corporate Services said: “The registration service have been actively contacting parents who could not register during the lockdown to arrange appointments.

"The time is now right to encourage all new parents to book their baby’s registration through normal processes.

"While some measures have had to remain in place until the backlog is cleared, it is reassuring to see the service return to a close resemblance of business as usual.”