ART enthusiasts enjoyed a special exhibition and trail last weekend, as artists exhibited work on their doorsteps.

Organised by Salisbury Arts Scene, the Summer Arts Exhibition gave 36 creatives the opportunity to display arts and crafts outside their homes, in a bid to "bring back a buzz to our city".

The exhibition, with displays across Salisbury, the Greencroft and the surrounding villages, also gave artists a chance to showcase their work after three months of lockdown and event cancellations, generate sales and contacts, attract visitors and promote the city.

Sally Edwards, co-ordinator, said the "exciting" event was an opportunity for artists and crafts people to "come together to showcase their skills".

She added: "Salisbury has a vibrant art and craft scene which like many businesses has had to stay hidden from view and unable to display itself through the many events planned for this time of the year.

"The event will provide a much needed vibrant display of arts and crafts and bring back a buzz to our city and surrounding villages for everyone to enjoy."

A competition was running alongside the exhibition, challenging attendees to visit as many sites as possible. The winners will be announced today.

The Houghton family, who visited the exhibition, said: "[We] just wanted to say that it was a fabulous event. [It was] so lovely to get out and see local creativity.

"Everyone was really friendly and it was great to have an activity we could do as a family where we felt there was very low Covid-19 risk. All the artists had hand sanitiser, gloves, etcetera, and everyone seemed to be social distancing very well. Well done for a great event."