ACCESS to the river from the play park at Fordingbridge recreation ground could be fenced off in the future to improve the safety of the area.

Fordingbridge Town Council discussed making changes to the fencing at a meeting earlier this month.

Councillor Paul Anstey said where the temporary fencing, which had been put up in relation to closures of the play park due to Covid-19, had been put up would be a “good way” to separate the children’s play area and prevent the potential of children going down to the river.

He suggested running permanent fencing from the memorial gardens to edge of the paddling pool up to the far edge.

A Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents representative raised access to the river from the play park as an “observation” when a previous report was compiled.

Cllr Anstey said it was “still safe” in relation to current regulations.

Councillor Diane Paton said the access to the river made it appealing to visitors and questioned whether if the area was fenced off it would put off visitors.

It was also suggested a gate could also be put in place.