A TEA room in Breamore has opened its doors to welcome customers.

Allison Rust, who also operates Bridges in Fordingbridge, has taken on the running of Breamore Tea Rooms at Breamore House.

The tea room opened last Thursday.

She said Sunday was a busy day for the tea rooms with customers making the most of sunshine and stopping by to enjoy ice creams.

Speaking about taking on the running of the tea rooms, Allison added: “I’m very pleased but obviously it was a bit daunting with the current situation. I’m very happy about it because it is my second business that I have got. We’ve got our little cafe in Fordingbridge as well”

The tea room is open Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday from 12pm to 5pm. It serves your usual teas and coffees as well as a variety of food items including sandwiches, jacket potatoes, ice cream as well as cakes and scones.

Allison says it is “very important” people support local businesses.

She said: “We really do need it now more than ever. It is always important but it is very important now. I like to support local businesses. All our things we use here are from the local businesses like the Gourmet Grocer, the butchers and bakers. I also support the town by doing that.”

The Countryside Museum has also reopened its doors.