THIS week we bring you pictures of a further 15 newborns who came into the world during the coronavirus pandemic.

These photographs, which will be published in this week's paper, are part of the Journal’s lockdown babies feature which has been running for five weeks.

More pictures are available in previous issues and online.

Once again, thank you to everyone who shared pictures of their beautiful bundles of joy with us and congratulations on your new arrivals.

Salisbury Journal: Luca Miles Hazzard with his brothers Owen, aged five, and Isaac, three.Luca Miles Hazzard with his brothers Owen, aged five, and Isaac, three.

Luca Miles Hazzard

Born at Salisbury District Hospital on May 30, weighing 6lbs 6oz.

His mum Dana Broom, from Amesbury, said: "I went in for a c-section as the baby was breech. When we got there there were a few emergencies so we got delayed, by the time it was our turn the baby had turned around so they decided to induce me.

"Midwives Kathryn and Scarlett were incredible and made the whole experience as normal as possible. We can't thank them enough!"

Salisbury Journal: Bella-rose Marshall JenesonBella-rose Marshall Jeneson

Bella-rose Marshall Jeneson

Born at Salisbury District Hospital on March 31, weighing 6lbs 6oz.

Her mum Tia Louise Marshall Johnson said: "I had my baby a couple days into lockdown. I was unable to have her farther there as we had been isolating in separate households but I had my amazing mother with me and after being induced at 12pm I had my beautiful baby girl at 5.58pm."

Salisbury Journal: Archie Ian McAteerArchie Ian McAteer

Archie Ian McAteer

Born at Salisbury District Hospital on May 3, weighing 7lbs 6oz.

His mum Jess Cantillon, from Salisbury, said: "Before I gave birth I was terrified, but during my whole 19-hour labour and overnight stay, I never once felt unsafe whilst at the hospital.

"Other than the extra PPE, you would never have even realised that we were in the middle of a lockdown.

"Regardless of the lockdown and the virus it was the best day of our lives and looking back on it now, we wouldn’t change a thing."

Salisbury Journal: Healie Ava Harris with her mum Elisia Harris and dad Michael Coombes.Healie Ava Harris with her mum Elisia Harris and dad Michael Coombes.

Healie Ava Harris

Born at Salisbury District Hospital on March 24, weighing 9lbs.

Her mum Elisia Harris, from West Woodyates, said: "When I went into labour [Healie] was back to back so the pain was horrendous. I had every pain relief going including an epidural and even that didn’t take away the pain completely. I finally was fully dilated but unfortunately she was too big for me to push out naturally and her heart rate was dropping as her cord was around her neck.

"I went in for emergency forceps delivery and she was born at 7.18am on the 24/03/2020 on the same day as my sisters and aunties birthday! She’s was perfect and worth it all!"

Salisbury Journal: Reuben DorringtonReuben Dorrington

Reuben Dorrington

Born at Salisbury District Hospital on May 5, weighing 6lbs 13oz.

His mum Sarah Dorrington, from Broad Chalke, said: "I had hoped to have a home birth, however some complications later on in my pregnancy meant that I had to go into hospital and my husband, Simon, wasn’t able to join me until later on in labour.

"Although I felt incredibly anxious about how things were going to pan out, and I received challenging news whilst on my own, we were so incredibly well looked after by our community midwife, Sian, and all the team at Salisbury District Hospital. We could see the smiles on the midwives faces through their masks.

"Our little boy Reuben was born on Tuesday May 5, delivered by our wonderful midwife Martina who has since become a friend."

Salisbury Journal: Keziah Bundy-RoeKeziah Bundy-Roe

Keziah Bundy-Roe

Born at Salisbury District Hospital on May 9, weighing 6lbs 11oz.

Her mum Lucy Bundy-Roe, from Broad Chalke, said: "The midwives were excellent even though they were wearing PPE. I was terrified this time as my previous birth was traumatic but the midwives did everything they could to make me feel calm!"

Salisbury Journal: Reggie BellairsReggie Bellairs

Reggie Bellairs

Born at Salisbury District Hospital on May 1, weighing 7lbs 15oz.

His mum Millie Bellairs, from Gillingham, said: "My partner was allowed in once I was in active labour and Reggie was born very quickly.

"He had several things that needed looking at once he was born, but it felt so relaxed and normal in there, I was very at ease.

"Reggie was a miracle baby, after four years of trying for a baby and fertility treatment, he was naturally conceived and then born during a global pandemic."

Salisbury Journal: Cora Grace O'BrienCora Grace O'Brien

Cora Grace O'Brien

Born at Salisbury District Hospital on May 24, weighing 7lbs.

Her mum Sarah O'Brien, from Woodfalls, said: "We left it as late as possible to go to hospital due to coronavirus but it was like a normal environment once we got into the birthing suite."

Salisbury Journal: George MillerGeorge Miller

George Miller

Born at Salisbury District Hospital on June 10, weighing 4lbs 6oz.

His mum Justine Miller, from Salisbury, said: "George was born almost four weeks early via emergency c-section. We spent his first five days in the Salisbury neonatal unit who are absolutely fabulous and I finally brought him home at five days old to finally meet his very proud older siblings Jasmine and Lewis."

Salisbury Journal: Ren Melody Arthey-GassonRen Melody Arthey-Gasson

Ren Melody Arthey-Gasson

Born at Salisbury District Hospital on April 20, weighing 6lbs 11oz.

Her mum Tabitha Gasson, from Buckhorn Weston, said: "Ren came into this world three weeks early. Sunday early hours of the morning my contractions started. I called Salisbury District Hospital who were amazing in calming me, explained that I lived too far and needed to call the ambulance as I was in established labour.

"The medics turned up and took me to hospital but in the ambulance I had a temperature so I was taken to an isolation ward for Covid-19. Everyone was in the full PPE. My birthing partner was allowed in after being tested as was I."

Salisbury Journal: Willow Jade BattenWillow Jade Batten

Willow Jade Batten

Born at Salisbury District Hospital on May 7, weighing 7lbs 7oz.

Her mum Erin Jade Batten said: "The midwives and consultants at Salisbury were amazing.

"We had a traumatic time when I haemorrhaged after birth and the support not just for me but for my husband was incredible, you wouldn’t have known we were in the middle of a pandemic."

Salisbury Journal: Ella Marie ForbesElla Marie Forbes

Ella Marie Forbes

Born at Salisbury District Hospital on April 30, weighing 7lbs 9.5oz.

Her mum Chelsea Forbes said: "I felt things were rushed with my delivery due to the circumstances I was in and because of Covid-19 but when my baby arrived safe and sound I was relieved and I was very much looked after afterwards."

Salisbury Journal: Isla-Ellé ParsonsIsla-Ellé Parsons

Isla-Ellé Parsons

Born at Salisbury District Hospital on March 22, weighing 6lbs 12oz

Her mum Olivia Loveridge said: "My partner was allowed to stay with me the whole time as well as being with me while I had to stay in hospital for the first five days after having my baby, which I’m so grateful for.

"I was in hospital when lockdown was announced and put in place so I had no idea what was going on in the world.

"Although my labour didn’t go as planned, I couldn’t thank the midwives enough for all they did for me whilst being there. They made me feel completely safe while this pandemic was happening."

Salisbury Journal: Remi GarrettRemi Garrett

Remi Garrett

Born at Salisbury District Hospital on June 22, weighing 9lbs 6oz.

Her mum Kristina and dad Louis, from Gillingham, said Remi was born only an hour and a half after they arrived at the hospital. She has a big brother called Freddie.

Salisbury Journal: Savannah Lilly PuzdrowskiSavannah Lilly Puzdrowski

Savannah Lilly Puzdrowski

Born at Salisbury District Hospital on April 13, weighing 8lbs 6oz.

Her mum Alice Bright said: "We had a good experience at the hospital, we were looked after really well and were made to feel safe. I’m pretty sure the Easter weekend when Savannah was born was the peak of the pandemic! But we couldn’t fault them and Savannah was delivered safely."