A PAUL’S DENE author has penned a new children’s book filled with “fantastic creatures” and “surprising twists”.

Martin Berry says he is “delighted” to be releasing Glow Worms following his debut novel The Sapphire Crystal.

He said: “I was inspired to create Glow Worms by the feedback on The Sapphire Crystal from children at Morgan’s Vale and Woodfalls School and at the Lover Loves Books fair. They had enjoyed the twists and turns as much as I had enjoyed writing them.”

Glow Worms, is about a young boy, Jack, who leads a peaceful life with his uncle and aunt in a quiet Cornish seaside village – until a mission to retrieve a lost phone from an old well leads him and his friend Ryan to the discovery of some strange green worm-like creatures, trapped inside the stones of a well. After releasing them, the boys join forces with a winged alien to fight a terrible beast they have created. A thrilling story of shape-shifters, invisible forces and battles in the dark.

On what readers can expect, he added: “Readers can expect to be taken on a thrilling adventure with fantastic creatures, alien technologies and surprising twists.”

“The thing I enjoyed most about writing Glow Worms was creating the other-worldly creatures and thinking how they might react to us,” said Martin. “I have made a start on my third book but the story hasn’t taken shape yet.”

Both books are available from bookshops and online, and are now also available from The Rocketship Bookshop in Salisbury. Listen to a five minute taster of Glow Worms at martinberrybooks.com or on Youtube.