THIS week we feature our sixth and final picture gallery on lockdown babies.

It has been a pleasure to introduce you to some of the newborns who came into the world in the middle of the pandemic, bringing joy to their families and the rest of us.

Printing their photos has allowed us to record their births and the incredible time in which they occurred. It has also given us the chance to thank Salisbury District Hospital, where the majority of these babies were born, for continuing to provide maternity services in unsettling circumstances.

Here are the babies featured in this week's paper:

Salisbury Journal: Gerald O’ConnorGerald O’Connor

Gerald O’Connor

Born at home near Winterbourne Dauntsey on April 22, weighing 8lbs 10oz.

His mum Charlotte O'Connor said: "It was challenging at times being heavily pregnant during the start of lockdown but I had a very positive birth experience. My contractions started in the evening and I laboured well, and had my boy in my sitting room in the birth pool shortly after midnight.

"My husband and the two midwives at the birth were very supportive and I felt relaxed and in control.

"It was also lovely being able to cuddle up with my newborn on the sofa shortly afterwards."


Salisbury Journal: Poppy May WheelerPoppy May Wheeler

Poppy May Wheeler

Born at Salisbury District Hospital on April 1, weighing 8lbs 7oz.

Her mum Natalie Foreman said: "Our due date was 29/03/20 we did not know what we were expecting; after this date passed we often joked it would be an “April fools baby” - well we were right.

"I was extremely nervous at the thought of going [to hospital] with everything that was going on but on arrival the midwives were immediately welcoming putting me at ease."


Salisbury Journal: Arabella Davis with her mum CallyArabella Davis with her mum Cally

Arabella Davis

Born at Salisbury District Hospital on March 11, weighing 6lbs 12oz.

Her mum Cally from Amesbury said: "Arabella was born just before lockdown when the virus was just taking control. The midwives were amazingly supportive with all the unknowns."


Salisbury Journal: Mia Compton with her mum HarrietMia Compton with her mum Harriet

Mia Compton

Born at Salisbury District Hospital on March 19, weighing 8lbs 1oz.

Her mum Harriet Compton from South Newton said: "Mia is my first baby and she defiantly wanted to be a big surprise, as I had no symptoms and was six months pregnant when I found out.

"My waters broke early morning on Thursday 19th March 2020, and got to the hospital and after waiting it out at home for around 3 hours. I had a natural birth with just gas and air, and was in labour for just over 11 hours."


Salisbury Journal: Lucas LindgrenLucas Lindgren

Lucas Lindgren

Born at home in Pewsey on June 6, weighing 7lbs 2oz.

His mum Lucy Lindgren said: "Baby was due 8/6/2020 but ended up with a very fast labour and baby unexpectedly arrived at 3.33am on 6/6/2020 being born on our bathroom floor being delivered by my husband Jonathan. paramedics arrived shortly after he was born!

"It was an experience we won’t ever forget and will be a story for him when he is older!"


Salisbury Journal: Pasha Aydemir meeting grandmaPasha Aydemir meeting grandma

Pasha Aydemir

Born at Salisbury District Hospital on March 20, weighing 7lbs 8oz.

Her mum Elspeth Aydemir said: "Born the weekend of Mothering Sunday when we were told we shouldn’t go see family, ahead of the full lockdown on the Monday. Luckily the birth went very smoothly and we were allowed home the next day."


Salisbury Journal: Milo Dixon-HoltMilo Dixon-Holt

Milo Dixon-Holt

Born at Salisbury District Hospital on March 30, weighing 6lbs 10.5oz.

His mum Samantha Langford-Holt from Stockton said: "Martin was allowed in to wait with me and be there at the surgery. I was very scared as Milo is my first child but everyone in the theatre was lovely and took good care of me in lifting my lovely midwife Elvie."


Salisbury Journal: Tessa Paige EdwardsTessa Paige Edwards

Tessa Paige Edwards

Born at Salisbury District Hospital on May 19, weighing 8lbs 10oz.

Her mum Rachel said: "Our labour started exactly on Tessa's due date and was all going exactly to plan until our little lady decided she would try to come into the world face first rather than crown; as a result the final stages weren’t quite run of the mill and we ended up in surgery.

"Despite our worries about how COVID would affect our birth experience we were so well looked after by the lovely midwives at Salisbury hospital. We would like to thank everyone that looked after us."