A TEACHER has set herself a challenge of running 2020km this year to raise money for a youth charity in Bemerton Heath.

Tamsin Scott hopes to raise £1,000 for Rise:61 - a charity providing providing opportunities and projects for young people living in the area.

In order to complete her challenge Tamsin will have to run 5.5km plus everyday which doubles if she has to miss a day through illness or injury.

Tamsin, who previously worked at Sarum Academy, believes the young people of Bemerton Heath can achieve great things if they are given the chance to succeed.

She has passed the halfway mark - running more than 1,030km. She said: “It’s been a crazy six months but I’m really proud I’ve stuck it out this time... now for the next six months of the same again.

"Please could anyone spare just a little for me? It’ll definitely spur me on to do the next 1000."

Thank you all so much for your support so far and big love to Rise:61 who do the most amazing job for these children," she added.

Tamzin previously attempted a similar challenge to run 2017km in 2017 but had to stop halfway through due to becoming pregnant.

She said: "I am determined, before I’m 30, to finish what I started and raise money for the brilliant charity, Rise:61.”

Robin Imeson, the director of Rise:61, added: “This really is an incredible challenge to undertake and Tamsin’s drive, tenacity and mental toughness to keep going are quite remarkable. I can’t imagine what it's like having to go for a run every day including the weekends but we are so grateful for what she’s doing to help the incredible young people and community of Bemerton Heath and help release their potential.

She had a bad injury set back in the spring which meant she has been having to run 8.5km since but is back on track after a hard few months.

To make a donation go to gofundme.com/f/2020km-in-2020