SALISBURY’S Vodafone held a special launch event over the weekend.

Miami Mobile Ltd has taken on the store in the Old George Mall, along with branches in Winchester and Andover, under Vodafone’s partner agent programme.

The launch on Saturday was attended by Salisbury mayor John Walsh.

Chris Hayford, the owner of Miami Mobile Ltd which is in partnership with Vodafone, has worked in the telecommunications industry for 17 years and previously for Vodafone.

He said: “Part of a dream was to start my own business, it made perfect sense to partner with Vodafone as I felt there brand values echoed many of my own.

“They are originally a great British start up spiralling out from Newbury which I loved the idea being an extension of and being part of, it’s exciting times and I look forward to serving and supporting the local community and military, being part of the military covenant across Winchester Andover and Salisbury.”

“Vodafone has given me the privilege and allowed me into their heart land and I will be looking after some of Vodafone’s valued and original customers but also look to support and attract our youth to this amazing brand,” added Chris. “Working with Vodafone has given me the opportunity to live my dream and I look forward to seeing and serving our customers.”

“The future’s exciting and we are ready.”

The store hopes to get involved with the community and will be looking at opportunities to support local charities and host community engagement events.

The mayor of Salisbury, John Walsh, said he was delighted to be asked to reopen the Vodafone shop in the Old George Mall.

He said that despite all the difficulties being faced by businesses in the city, there was "plenty of optimism around", which was epitomised by this reinvestment. He hoped that residents will get behind this new venture.

It also accepts The Lifestyle Card where cardholders can receive a discount. The card aims to encourage people to support local business and help footfall return to normal.

Sean Caruana, of The Lifestyle Card, said: “We wanted to provide a service that was simple to use and which brought benefits to local people, businesses, and put money back into local communities. We launched the card in Andover in September 2018 and have grown rapidly, with 600 plus listing businesses, who now have potential customers from our 7000 plus members. We are really excited to expand our services here and help raise the profiles of local businesses and encourage additional footfall.”

Any businesses wanting to list can do so at