DORSET Police’s ‘no excuse’ team seized an uninsured BMW from a property in Stalbridge last week.

On the morning of July 29 officers were following up complaints from residents about illegal vehicles in Lower Road.

They had just dealt with the owner of a BMW 320, when a member of the same household arrived on the road in a BMW X3.

The team said: “The driver had just collected the vehicle, or so he informed us. Trouble was he hadn’t bothered to arrange insurance for it.

“[He said:] ‘I was going to do it, however I don’t really like the car so I was thinking of taking it back to the seller, and by the way everyone drives around without insurance when they are testing cars. Why are you targeting me?’.

“No matter what or why you are driving you need insurance. We weren’t targeting this vehicle, it simply recorded on our ANPR system and we’ve taken the appropriate action.”

Words of advice were then given to the driver, the vehicle was seized and a fixed penalty was issued.