AN UNLUCKY dog got itself stuck between two walls after chasing a cat.

A fire crew from Salisbury were called to Elm Grove Road at around 11.30am yesterday (Sunday, August 10) to rescue the pooch.

A spokesperson for Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service said: "A crew from Salisbury was called to Elm Grove Road in the city at 11.30am on Saturday after a Portuguese water dog got trapped between a garden wall and a garage wall, we believe after chasing a cat.

"The operational support unit from Salisbury was also mobilised to the scene so that firefighters had the equipment needed to remove some of the breeze blocks and therefore free the dog."

The incident was dealt with by around 12.50pm. 

A post on the Salisbury Fire Station Facebook page said: "Blue Watch were called out to rescue a dog that had got itself stuck between two walls, after chasing a cat! By using small tools we managed to get the dog out after cutting our way through the wall."

"Happy to say he was relieved to be out and well," the post added.