THE deputy mayor of Fordingbridge has called for warning signs to encourage motorists and pedestrians to take extra care after seeing people stepping out into the road to social distance.

Concerns were raised by Councillor Anna Wilson during a meeting of Fordingbridge Council, which was held online via Zoom last week.

She told fellow councillors that she had seen similar signs driving through Somerset saying ‘motorists beware people may step out’.

Cllr Wilson said it was “brilliant” to see the town busy on Saturday but it was “really hard for people to self-distance without stepping out onto the road”.

She added: “I would like to see something done for pedestrians to warn them to look before they step out. It is only for a few weeks. Cardboard ones or anything,”

Cllr Wilson said the signs would not need to be permanent and asked Hampshire County Councillor Edward Heron for his view on putting up signs.

He said: “It seems very sensible as you say just some Correx on the posts. A small one to remind pedestrians and a larger one as you come in to warn drivers that people may be stepping off the pavement. That is a very good suggestion.”

He said he would take it back to the county council’s highways department.

Later in the meeting, Cllr Wilson said: “On Saturday, it was brilliant to see so many people in the high street but it was really unsafe there is no doubt about it.”

Cllr Wilson said: “What happens is the traffic queues to get to the roundabout along the High Street so people coming don’t necessarily see the zebra crossing and at the same time people are just stepping out in the road. They don’t wait for traffic to stop.”

“Likewise on the bend by The Ship people are taking their life in their hands crossing over there,” she added.

“I just thought a couple of notices on all the points in the town warning motorists that people might step out but also warn pedestrians to look before they step out.

“They are more frightened of the people than they are of getting run over by a car.”

Councillor Nobby Goldsmith also raised concerns over speeding through the town and said the speed limit needed to be changed to 20mph.