BICYCLES, a telescope, golf clubs and books are just some of the items sold by a man outside his home, raising nearly £2,000 for Stars Appeal.

Sid Snook from Mere has spent the last four months raising money for the Salisbury District Hospital charity by selling a variety of items from a gazebo on his doorstep.

The items on sale are both sourced from his home and from the community, with residents dropping off contributions every day.

With an initial target of £100 Sid is now pushing to reach the £5,000 milestone, and he will not stop selling until he has done so.

Launching the stall around the beginning of the coronavirus lockdown, the 74-year-old said he was inspired by Captain Tom Moore’s fundraising effort during the pandemic.

He added: “Captain Tom Moore gave me the idea, watching him take on a challenge made me want to do something.”

Sid is “really pleased” to have raised around £1,900 so far. He plans for the sale to continue through the winter, and will soon be selling chicken eggs as an addition to stock already on offer.

Most of the items are sold at either £1, £2 or £5, with Sid adding: “On a good day we’ll finish with £20, but the main thing is that this money is for the Stars Appeal.

“I’m really happy that people are so supportive and generous of what we are doing, and so grateful for everyone donating. Some people give money and don’t even want anything.”

Other items that Sid has been selling include clothes, toys, homeware, plants and a paddling pool.

Sid, retired, said the sale can be “hard work” as it takes around 45 minutes every day to prepare the ‘stall’ and a further 45 minutes to put it all away again, as well as issues of weather and the need to promote the sale around the village.

When speaking to the Journal however, Sid said “it is worth it”, adding that on his return from lunch on Tuesday three bags of items were left outside his home to be sold.

Sid said: “We’re just trying to give a little bit back, for all the help the hospital has given us. Everyone on this road [Denes Avenue] has had help from the hospital - we’re very lucky to have them.

"Everything the Stars Appeal had organised for this year has been cancelled, so we just want to help as much as we can.”

The sale takes place every day in Denes Avenue from 9am.