A SMALL group people gathered in the Guildhall Square this morning to commemorate Victory over Japan Day (VJ Day).

There was no ceremony or bugle to play Last Post and Reveille, but people with a personal connection to those who had served during World War Two gathered at the War Memorial at 11am.

Just before 11, the Kohima Epitaph was recited and a wreath laid at the memorial.

At 11, the Wiltshire Regiment Association standard was lowered for two minutes, during which there was silence from those attending and also for the people in the area who saw what was going on.

The staff of the pop up cafe in front of the memorial turned off the music and moved tables away from the memorial to provide more space.

David Chilton was carrying the Wiltshire Regiment Association standard.

Bob Giddings, President of Salisbury Branch of the Royal British Legion, was also present.