TWO Ringwood Town first team players have tested positive for Covid-19, following a pre-season friendly earlier this week, the club has confirmed. 

The players will both now self-isolate for ten days, it was confirmed by the club's Twitter page. 

Phil King, chairman of Ringwood Town FC, said: "We wish them both a speedy recovery."

Other Ringwood players and volunteers were tested after the game against Christchurch on Tuesday evening (August 11), and all other tests came back negative. 

Mr King added: "This is good news. However, we are aware of the incubation period of the virus: they may be infected but in the incubation period or they may be infectious, but it is too early to detect the virus. 

"Also, they may be infectious, but the test has produced a false negative result. 

"In terms of our facilities the scientific evidence suggests that outside of a host (ie human carrier) the virus can live up to 24hrs on most surfaces and up to 72 hours on plastics". 

As a result, the clubhouse and changing rooms have been cleaned. 
Training can continue at the club, as long as everyone adhere to the relevant guidelines. 

Mr King said: "Be vigilant everyone - stay safe".