WILTON Horse Trials is coming to an end after 44 years.

The annual event attracts local riders from across the south west, and from further afield, including some top names from the world of three-day eventing.

A statement released by organisers said: "After 44 years, we are sad to announce that Wilton Horse Trials will no longer run. Having only missed two events in its long running, due to Foot and Mouth and flooding, a modernisation of farming policy on the Wilton Estate has brought the horse trials to a sad close."

Anthony Ffooks, organiser of the event in Wilton for the past 23 years, said: “I would like to say a massive thank you to all the literally hundreds of people that have helped, sponsored, supported and competed over all these years, without whom it would not have been the enjoyable and memorable experience it has been.”

Andrew Fell, British Eventing Regional Coordinator for the South West, added; “It’s really sad to see such an icon venue going from the BE calendar. Wilton Horse Trials has provided fantastic sport over its 44 years.”

Resident agent of Wilton Estate, Chris Rolfe, said; “I know this will be very disappointing but I would like to take this opportunity to thank [the Horse Trials team] for all the hard work [they] have put into the event over a considerable number of years and during some difficult times. The event has always been an excellent reflection on [them] and the estate.”