A ONE-OFF performance and film production is coming to Messums Wiltshire in Tisbury.

Matsena Performance Theatre The Geometry of Fear live performance is on September 5, 7pm, with an online screening of Error Code 8:46 on September 19, at 7pm.

The Geometry of Fear brings the audience together in front of Elisabeth Frink’s Studio where a young artist by the name of Dre wrestles with the demons of the past brought out by the numbness of humanity before finding hope and reconnection through art and performance which then expands outwards down the length of the building.

The repercussions of Covid-19 and the Black Lives Matter movement forms the basis of this contemporary dance performance.

Error Code 8:46 combines the movement of dance, the immediacy of handheld cameras and the artistry of shooting on multiple locations.

Composed in three acts and influenced by three distinct locations, the choreography addresses ideas of humanity, spirituality and nature.

Matsena Performance Theatre is run by Anthony and Kel Matsena - Zimbabwean born and Welsh raised brothers.

They trained at London Contemporary Dance and Bristol Old Vic Theatre School.

The audience in this performance will be taken on a journey starting in Elisabeth Frink’s studio and drawing on the legacy of her work and how it can be seen as a commentary on what we are experiencing today.

Go to messumswiltshire.com for more information.