A WESTERN music singer and songwriter based in Somerley has been recognised with an artist of the year award.

Clint Bradley received the Academy of Western Artists’ (AWA) and is the first British artist to win the western male artist of the year award.

Unfortunately, because of Covid-19 travel restrictions in the United States he was unable to attend the awards ceremony which was held in Fort Worth, Texas on Thursday, August 13.

He said: “This is a huge honour for me, especially as I’m based here in the UK, and the AWA is such a highly regarded organisation in the USA and worldwide.”

Clint was watching the ceremony unfold over live stream and says he was on the “edge of his seat” as he waited to find out if he had won the best artist award - which was the last category of the night.

Despite the wait he says he will “never forget” winning the award and feels it is a “seal of approval” from the the industry.

“I’m pretty much knocked out to be honest and to be the first British artist to do it. It is a very respected body,” added the 55-year-old.

“I was due to be there, obviously the travel restrictions prevented that. I watched it on live stream.

“It was quite a shock [to be announced as the winner]. I got nominated back in 2016, it is the first time I have won.”

Clint had also been due to perform at the ceremony and said: “I would have loved to have been there to perform and be part of the whole thing. To have won is amazing.”

Clint was also nominated for album of the year and song of the year, which he had also been shortlisted for back in 2016.

“The biggest thing for me about getting the award is the fact that it is voted for by disc jockeys. The AWA has a worldwide roster of DJs and to get this far and win it means that the airplay has been good.

“It’s all positive for me as an artist, especially as an independent artist.”

Western music has always been a passion for Clint since childhood, who says “it’s always been a love of mine”.

“I just love the honesty of it. Western music is primarily acoustic,” explains Clint.

Clint and his band had a substantial tour schedule lined up this year, which has had to be put on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Instead this has given him time to work on some music for a new album. But, he does admit he has “greatly missed” touring and is “itching” to get back on the road.

For more information go to clintbradley.co.uk