THE emergency services are dealing with a crash on the A31.

A vehicle has ended up on its side, blocking one lane of the eastbound carriageway at Poulner Hill.

Crews from three fire stations - Ferndown, Redbridge and Ringwood, have been called to the scene.

At least one person is thought to have been injured in the incident.

Photographs taken at the scene show a vehicle on its side, with fire dengines and an ambulance parked alongside.

A row of stationary cars are occupying the outside lane, their path blocked by emergency service vehicles in the road ahead.

Other photographs show the congestion caused by the accident.

Social media users said the crash caused a loud noise, similar to the sound made by a large object falling off a lorry.

One person said a car collided with another, resulting in one of the vehicles rolling over.

Passers-by reported seeing long skid marks on the road.

One person posted: "I heard it from Parsonage Barn Lane/Queensway. Sounded like something came off a lorry. Very loud."

Two cars are thought to have been involved in the incident. Recovery vehicles have now arrived at the scene.