PLANS for a new single-storey home failed to get the backing of Fordingbridge Town Council over concerns the site would be “too cramped”.

The council discussed a planning application for land at the rear of 14 Shaftesbury Street in Fordingbridge to build a new single-storey dwelling, with a turntable for a vehicle, during a meeting of the full council on August 5.

Councillor Paul Anstey said previous applications had been submitted for the site in 2015 for a “semi-dwelling” which was refused and in 2017 an application for a house that was granted subject to conditions and in 2019 there were plans for a bungalow, which were withdrawn.

The meeting heard the site was in the conservation area, town centre boundary and within the built up area.

Councillors were told there had been objections from neighbours over the maple tree near the car park and how close the building would be to the car park wall. Loss of light and noise were also concerns raised as well as the size of the development in relation to the plot of land.

Cllr Anstey said the tree officer raised concerns over the protection of the maple tree during the construction and in the long term.

The single floor home, the meeting, heard would provide wheelchair access for the occupants who currently live in the house on the site and planned to sell it.

Cllr Anstey said: “Whoever buys it isn’t losing a parking space because they wouldn’t be offered it. The overarching factor here is the size and shape of the proposed dwelling within the size of the site.”

Councillor Diane Paton said it looked “too cramped”.

This was echoed by Councillor Mike Jackson who added: “The impression is anybody can cram anything into any space there.”

Councillor Edward Hale said it would take away the remaining outside space of the house.

Councillor Anna Wilson highlighted the impact on the future occupants of the house, which was already on the site who would have “no car parking” and “no garden”, adding: “It does a lot of damage to a perfectly good house. It’s a good house with parking and a garden. The future occupants – it is nowhere near as good as it is at the moment.”

The council agreed to recommend refusal but New Forest District Council make the final decision. The planning application has now been withdrawn.