A SALISBURY mortgage broker is celebrating after becoming Openreach’s 1,000th full-fibre customer.

Julian Newman, who works for Shaftesbury-based The Mortgage Exchange but is working from home, has spoken of the impact of having the new full-fibre technology on his work and home life.

“In one way it’s wonderful but in another I’ve always been quite competitive so coming 1,000th is not something I want to put on my resume,” he joked

He said: “It was a bit of a surprise – all I was doing was getting much better broadband.”

Julian says he has noticed a difference already, adding: “Everything is so much quicker. I’ve got two kids and they do all the usual things that kids do.

“My wife’s and my phones were on 4G at home and we had to switch away from broadband previously. You couldn’t get anything done. Quite often my systems would go slow. Now, I don’t have that issue at all.”

“We’ve always had a constant moan in the house from all angles, myself, my wife, my kids, there’s always been’ the wi-fi’s rubbish’,” said Julian who says his family are much happier with the new broadband. We’ve always seem to be the one’s with an issue with our phones and broadband.”

Openreach completed its work to make Salisbury it’s first full-fibre city in March of this year after starting the project in March 2019.