A SHAFTESBURY woman’s florist business has continued to bloom this year despite the Covid-19 pandemic.

Genna Copeland was about to start her third year of trading at Acanthus Flowers and Home when lockdown was first announced and non-essential stores were closed.

Through growing her own flowers and sourcing plants from neighbouring gardens however, Genna was able to continue her business throughout the crisis.

As one of the only florists in the area still running, but from her own home, Genna said the demand for her flowers was “fantastic”, and she was able to deliver around 30 home-grown bouquets a week.

“When people were no longer able to see their family or loved ones, sending flowers was the next best thing and I was here to help,” Genna said.

From tulips to peonies, Genna’s bathroom became a flower room where she stored her spring collection, and once orders came in she was able to explain the stock available, deliver the bouquet and provide feedback to the client, operating seven days a week.

Genna added: “People love getting flowers, and while I’ve explained how limited the choice is, during this time people have been grateful to receive anything.

“It certainly made for a busy time dealing with the flower garden, sourcing other English flowers and then doing all the making up and deliveries, but I was really grateful to be working when so many other people were facing a time of huge worry and uncertainty about their jobs.”

The florist added: “It was so nerve racking because, as with everyone, we went into this pandemic blind with no idea what could happen.

“I knew I had flowers of my own but I never imagined demand would be so high.”

Genna has now returned to her shop in the High Street and says business has continued to boom, adding there has been “a huge uplift in plant and homeware sales since reopening”.

This is in addition to keeping clients she had picked up during the peak of the pandemic.

With the town’s busking scene and temporary pedestrianisation “bringing a buzz to the High Street” she added: “Now shops are open again I think people are just enjoying being out and having a browse.

“It is usually just me in the shop so I offer a very personal service and help customers as much as I can. I love it here and it’s lovely to be able to provide that service and have a chat again.”