OVER the last five months there have been 52 incidents of antisocial behaviour reported in Fordingbridge, including youths “causing a nuisance”, catapults being used and a trampoline being used in the skatepark.

Last month, Fordingbridge Town Council was given the Fordingbridge beat reports by the policing team for the area.

In March there were 64 “total occurrences” reported to police – 31 of which were recordable as crime.

There were ten incidents of antisocial behaviour including people sat on the library roof, youths causing a nuisance, one of people mixing during lockdown, two relating to a neighbour dispute and five were classed as “personal”.

There was an attempted break-in into school outbuildings and a break-in at the post office shop but nothing was taken.

Six incidents of damage were recorded - four relating to vehicles, one of damage to a bike shed roof and another of footballs being popped after going into a neighbouring garden.

There was one theft, a theft from a vehicle and one incident of a vehicle being taken by a family member after an argument.

In April, there were 68 total occurrences but a drop in recordable crimes (29) compared to March.

These included six antisocial behaviour incidents, which were also down, one burglary at a business premises, three of damage, two thefts and three thefts from vehicles. In May, the total number of occurrences was 98 with recordable crime rising to 41. This included a spike in antisocial behaviour with 16 incidents compared to six in April and ten in March.

Seven related to a neighbour dispute, one of youths kicking a fence and another of BB gun was used on private land and a catapult being used. There was also a report of people smashing glass in the street and youths causing a nuisance as well as another relating to people jumping from a bridge.

Nine violent incidents were reported - four were domestic incidents while another was a report of a delivery driver being attacked with a wheel wrench.

Seven of the ten incidents of damage related to vehicles. and there were three thefts, one relating to a scarecrow and another regarding money taken from a jet wash, and four thefts from vehicles, including an incident of tools being taken another of parcels being stolen from a delivery and also of index plates being removed and a car badge being taken.

For June, there was a total of 83 occurrences – 32 were “recordable”, a decrease from the previous month. These included eight antisocial behaviour incidents, one of violence against the person which was domestic related, and one dwelling burglary, four thefts, including two relating to scarecrows being taken, two thefts from vehicles, and one vehicle theft as well as six incidents of damage, including a gnome being smashed.

In July recordable crime slightly rose from 32 to 34 – the total occurrences was 89. Twelve related to antisocial behaviour, including one of a trampoline being used in the skatepark, youths using a catapult and possible drug use. Six incidents of violence against the person were also reported.

Six incidents of violence against the person, three domestic related, one of youths fighting, a fight in a shop and another of a person being punched while taking photos in the park, three business burglaries and damage incidents as well as five thefts and a theft from a vehicle were also reported.