Engineers at Salisbury Reds have been recognised with a "Gold Spanner" award.

The accolade is in recognition of the services they have provided to intercity coach operator, National Express.

Salisbury Reds provides bus services across Wiltshire and in recent years it has also been running National Express coach services from Salisbury.

Its engineering teams are heavily monitored, with unannounced roadside audits and depot inspections.

Checks are vigorous, and range from whether vehicles are maintained correctly, and the cleanliness of coaches inside and out - to whether on-board magazines are kept up-to-date.

If an operator achieves a 95 percent score over the course of the year, it is awarded Gold Operator standard.

“We have an incredibly talented team of engineers who have worked tirelessly to ensure these coaches offer customers the high quality travel experience they come to expect,” said Salisbury Reds managing director, Andrew Wickham.

“I’m delighted that our Salisbury Reds engineering team has been awarded a Golden Spanner by our client. This is a wonderful achievement.”