THERE will be no Christmas event in Salisbury this year as it has been confirmed the Christmas Fayre will not be held as planned.

It comes as the pantomime has been postponed as well as confirmation there will be no ice rink either.

There had been plans drawn up for a smaller event, with six food vendors, a bar, and a family entertainment programme to be developed, but this will no longer take place due to financial concerns.

In Monday's full city council meeting, £20,000 was requested by the city council to go towards the cost of the Fayre, which was going to run from November 21 to January.

The total cost was placed at £70,000, with the rest covered by income and sponsorship.

Atiqul Hoque, Salisbury City councillor for St. Francis & Stratford, then moved an amendment that said the event should run at a neutral cost to the council, which was passed.

After a meeting between council officials, it has now been confirmed that this event can't be delivered cost neutrally, and therefore will not take place.

Brian Dalton, Lib Dem cllr for Harnham, said: "Thanks to Tory councillors, there will be no Christmas event this year. Their agenda on the item asked for £20k, other years its cost much more for the market. A Tory councillor moved that the event be cost neutral, which the officer said was not possible.

"So nothing! There will be no Pantomime either this year, so it looks like Salisbury will end up with nothing, due to certain councillors ineptitude, thinking we’d get something for nothing.

"Not only this, but publicly arguing against their agenda! They run the council, it’s their agenda."

Salisbury City Council leader Jeremy Nettle said: "This sadly is correct that the Christmas Fayre will not go ahead as planned due to financial constraints. We will however be providing the Christmas trail across the City and a socially distanced Santa's Grotto.

"The City Council is still open to alternative suggestions, as to what else could be provided on the Guildhall Square to make the City more attractive and festive over the Christmas period, that is not high risk and meets with Government guidelines during this global pandemic."