It wasn’t my fault that I caught COVID-19, it wasn’t my fault that I had to take eight weeks at home looking after my kids, learn to cook, and take care of them, and then only received 80 per cent of my salary for doing so.

It wasn’t my fault I could not take the family to the Costa Brava, or elsewhere, and to cap it all, I’m now expected to go back to work, earn a living and contribute to the economy.

But what really takes the biscuit is that I will now be taxed to repay the benefits I have had, and assist in the recovery.

Considering it wasn’t my fault why cannot someone pay for it? I don’t really mind whom it is, so long as it’s not me.

And that’s the prevailing attitude of many people.

When you consider the ‘benefits’ from COVID-19 i.e no sitting in a surgery with 12 other sick patients waiting to be seen, no queuing at the tip, no waiting in A&E, less queuing, it’s got to be considered as beneficial overall to society.

Besides the other benefits of ie family social life, money saving, learning how to grow vegetables in your garden etc.

Now while the numbers of Covid are still being reported perhaps the numbers of flu cases resulting in deaths might not just cease to be ignored as has happened over the past decades due to apathy and lack of self care.

I wonder how many less cases of flu there will be this winter due to people wearing masks?

Ken Mckean

Hanging Langford