For some time I have been in touch through my MP Claire Perry now left to Danny Kruger, both based in Devizes.

They put me in touch with our health secretary past and present, the right Honourable Matt Hancock.

Our Hospital has over the years always been short of nurses.

When I worked at the city based Infirmary they trained them in a lovely large house on the edge of Elizabeth Gardens, led by two junior Matrons. No shortage of nurses then.

I wrote to management as I had found the methods being used was at a University.

The national press reported that 50 per cent of those in training two years ago left after two years. These were now Degree nurses on a four-year course and they were in financial difficulties!

I spoke to two who were almost bankrupt but finished.

Through more research, I found that this could be done in the hospitals they worked in. I asked Jeremy Hunt if this was being used? Three hospitals were and were doing well!

Back to the students for their opinions including those with degrees.

The difference was the bursary and the fact Salisbury now had a University. Doing a degree in the Hospital had so many other benefits I was told.

It was at this stage I discovered a letter by Florence Nightingale who told the Matron at the time in Salisbury to recruit as many as possible she said and then teach them in the Hospital. Matt Hancock is to do all that and more.

This is now what Salisbury needs to recruit and train them here, we have all that is beneficial for them and it is what our nurses deserve and what we, the public, would love to give them.

They have done us proud. We in Salisbury and the area it serves could do for them!

I ask John Glen and Danny Kruger for their support bring Nurses training back home to Salisbury.

Thank you I hope for your support make Salisbury a complete Hospital training area again.

John Wigglesworth